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Morrigan's Collection (Ancient) Morrigan's Maze
[Stat] guided by the spirit of (Medieval) Camelot
Tombs in Indus (Industrial) Pyramid
...once attracted the gaze of the embodiment of wisdom, reason, and purity. (Ancient) Greece
KSM Attunement (Industrial) King Solomon's Mines
[Stat] HP Quest (Ancient) India
[Stat] Mameema (Move base stats) (Industrial) King Solomon's Mines
[Stat] +15 Mana Quest (Industrial) African Savanna
[EQ] Trading with Pencroft (Industrial) The Mysterious Island
[EQ] Grand Shield of Ys Quest (Medieval) Ys
[Stat] Nile Valley Beetle Quest (+8 spi) (Ancient) Egypt
[Stat] Nile Valley Falcon Quest (+8 dex) (Ancient) Egypt
[Stat] Essence of Merlin (+10 Mind -2Dex) (Medieval) Camelot
[EQ] Quest for the Holy Grail (Medieval) Camelot
[Stat] Longhouse Quest (Medieval) French Indian War
[EQ] custom-made cowboy boots quest (Industrial) Abilene, Kansas
[Stat] Nile Valley Sphinx Quest (+8 per) (Ancient) Egypt
[EQ] Boxing Championship Belt Quest (Industrial) Gypsy Carnival
[Utility] Corpse Recovery (General) PR Mansion
...once reunited a strange man with his distraught mother! (Industrial) Gypsy Carnival