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...aided in revenging a Puritan man's life. (Medieval) Boston, Mass.
...assisted in the overthrow of the Romanian king by his brother! (Medieval) Transylvania
...carried a strange message to a Turkish captain. (Medieval) Hospitaller Malta
...cleared a Buddhist temple from the influence of maho. (Medieval) Japan
...cleverly found a way to free a Tlingit slave! (Medieval) 1802 Alaska
...contributed in the removal of an insane Romanian king! (Medieval) Transylvania
...defeated a powerful shaman and his spiritual companions (Medieval) 1802 Alaska
...defeated a terra cotta army and the emperor they defended! (Medieval) The Silk Road
...defeated the deadliest Assassin of all! (Medieval) The Crusades
...defeated the furies, Alecto, Megaera and Tisiphone! (Medieval) The Inferno a Tlingit Chief's plot to kill a Russian governor! (Medieval) 1802 Alaska
...faced the fiendish Minotaur and returned to share the tale! (Medieval) The Inferno
...faced the great warlord Dragut and put an end to his reign of terror! (Medieval) Hospitaller Malta
...faced the infernal hellrakers and defeated each of them in turn! (Medieval) The Inferno
...fomented chaos and revolution in the Holy Land. (Medieval) The Crusades
...had the patience to listen to an old man ramble for ages! (Medieval) 1802 Alaska
...has an unbreakable will of iron! (Medieval) The Crusades
...has become known as a regular traverser of the infernal realms! (Medieval) The Inferno
...has been bestowed with the full freedom of the forests of England. (Medieval) Britain
...has been branded a witch! (Medieval) 17th Century Salem