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...basks in the golden blessing of the God of the Sun. (Ancient) Greece
...carries the blessing of the king of the dead. (Ancient) Greece
...cleaned the greatest stables in the world in but a single day! (Ancient) Greece
...defeated an archangel in fair combat! (Ancient) The Seven Heavens
...delivered the treasure of Perseus to the enemies of Mycenae! (Ancient) Greece
...displayed their martial might to help a Prince regain his throne! (Ancient) Greece
...drank the nectar of the Black Lotus and lived to tell the tale! (+3 PER) (Ancient) Greece
...fixed a broken wagon and got the wine delivered. (Ancient) Roman Britain
...fought as a Roman gladiator and lived to tell the tale! (Ancient) Rome
...freed a Titan from his imprisonment in Tartarus! (Ancient) Tartarus
...gained access to the Underworld from Hades himself! (Ancient) Greece pitched headfirst into the Nile for trespassing in the necropolis. (Ancient) Egypt
...had the kindness to comfort a lonely man. (Ancient) Aboriginal Dreamtime
...has a friend who operates on the shady side of the law. (Ancient) India
...has angered the Aztec goddess Chicomeciatl. (Ancient) Aztecs
...has been blessed by Visnu and ventures forth in the world as his avatar. (Ancient) India
...has been cursed for betraying a Queen! (Ancient) Greece
...has been rewarded for aiding a goddess! (+3 STR) (Ancient) Greece
...has been slain for the crime of hubris! (Ancient) Greece
...has been slaughtered once by a powerful Goddess. (Ancient) Carthage