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... is an old soul reborn in a new form; a phoenix risen from the ashes! (General) Global
...defeated an adorable legion of vicious Hell Gnomes! (General) Holiday Games
...discovered a castle made from candy! (General) Holiday Games
...faced the world's most infamous scare-masters and vanquished each one! (General) Holiday Games
...once achieved 100 million experience! (General) Global
...once answered a very important question! (General) Global
...once failed pathetically to dispatch a marauding piece of headwear. (General) Global
...once stole the Golden Apples belonging to adorable Hell Gnomes! (General) Holiday Games
...raced against time using brains AND brawn! Level to 50, 2019. (General) Global
...served Herodotus, the Father of History for a month. (General) Global
...spent a small fortune on slot machines! (General) Global
...won the jackpot on the Liberty Bell slots! (General) Global
...won the jackpot on the Sons of Fortune slots! (General) Global
...would not be denied in chasing down a bratty April Fools' Day prize. (General) Holiday Games
Moon Dagger Quest (General) Global
[Utility] Corpse Recovery (General) PR Mansion