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Title  Area an Initiate of the Royal Explorers Club! (Industrial) London Port
...knows the secrets of Stonehenge. (Medieval) Camelot
...slew a beast invulnerable to the weapons of man or god! (Ancient) Greece
...was once sacrificed to the god of war, Huitzilopochtli. (Ancient) Aztecs
...was chosen to dance as Teteoinan on the last night of Ochpanitztli. (Ancient) Aztecs a member of the Distinguished Order of the Golden Fleece (Medieval) Flanders a hero to the Afrikacorps in North Africa! (Industrial) WWII North Africa a hero to the allied soldiers in North Africa! (Industrial) WWII North Africa
...assisted in the overthrow of the Romanian king by his brother! (Medieval) Transylvania
...had the compassion to aid a dying widow. (Industrial) Gold Rush Melbourne
...returned a family heirloom to its rightful owner. (Industrial) Abilene, Kansas
...has been rewarded for aiding a goddess! (+3 STR) (Ancient) Greece
...traveled to the Well of Saegais and ate from the magical hazelnut trees. (+10 Any Stat) (Ancient) Celtic Ireland
...played a small part in the ratification of the Drum Creek treaty (Industrial) Abilene, Kansas
...has freed the lost city of Ys from the evil morgens. (Medieval) Ys
The Rosetta Stone (+25 mana) (The Trailblazer pretitle) (Industrial) Pyramid a protector of the tombs. (Ancient) Egypt
...solved the enigma of the mysterious island. (Industrial) The Mysterious Island
...earned the position of ringmaster of the Cartucci Carnival Spectacular! (Industrial) Gypsy Carnival a member of the Parisian High Society. (Industrial) 19th Century Paris