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...lent a helpful hand to the keep's staff at Nottingham. (Medieval) Britain
...once helped an innocent Saxon escape from the Sheriff in Nottingham. (Medieval) Britain
...aided in revenging a Puritan man's life. (Medieval) Boston, Mass.
...united long-lost loves in eternal bliss (Medieval) Flanders guided by the spirit of (Medieval) Camelot
...helped free a woman from a most certain death. (Medieval) 17th Century Salem
...has been branded a witch! (Medieval) 17th Century Salem
...once survived the pitfalls and ordeals of a Spice Trader! (Medieval) Viceroyal Lima
...solved the murder of a young girl and brought her killer to justice. (Medieval) Viceroyal Lima
...gained access to the Underworld from Hades himself! (Ancient) Greece
...has entrance rights to the misty isle of Avalon. (Medieval) Camelot
...once helped two lost children escape an evil witch! (Medieval) The Black Forest
...returned a relic of the passed to a relic of the past. (Industrial) London Port
Mameema (Move base stats) (Industrial) King Solomon's Mines
HP Quest (Ancient) India
...through ingenuity led a prison break from a Romanian tower. (Medieval) Transylvania
...took a pivotal role in helping the Ottoman Empire conquer Romania! (Medieval) Transylvania
...went to the seventh heaven and back. (Ancient) The Seven Heavens
...sent the tormented soul of an emperor back where it belongs! (Industrial) Russian Revolution of 1917
...has single-handedly slain Vlad the Impalor, father of all vampires! (Medieval) Transylvania