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...brought an end to a war through aggression and force. (Industrial) Philippines
...brought an end to a war through non-violent means. (Industrial) Philippines
...brought the truth to light in the darkest of times! (Industrial) Russian Revolution of 1917
...contributed to the genocide of the plains Buffalo with impressive accuracy. (Industrial) Abilene, Kansas
...dealt with a troublesome topiary opponent. (Industrial) Philippines
...discovered the entrance to a realm of blackness and terror. (Industrial) 19th Century Paris
...discovered the secret chamber of Horus! (Industrial) Pyramid
...earned the position of ringmaster of the Cartucci Carnival Spectacular! (Industrial) Gypsy Carnival
...escaped from the coven of Dartmoor witches. (Industrial) Dartmoor
...fought off a guardian spirit and her minions. (Industrial) Philippines
...had the compassion to aid a dying widow. (Industrial) Gold Rush Melbourne
...has a degree in liberal arts from the University of Melbourne. (Industrial) Gold Rush Melbourne
...has been blessed by Cairo's muzzein. (Industrial) Pyramid
...has fallen to an horrific, fiery death. (Industrial) 19th Century Paris
...has killed a man-eating lion! (Industrial) African Savanna
...has lived with the aborigines, learning their ways. (Industrial) Gold Rush Melbourne
...has medical qualifications from the University of Melbourne. (Industrial) Gold Rush Melbourne
...has sent the Prince of Hell back to the Abyss! (Industrial) King Solomon's Mines
...has slain the mightiest of terrors. (Industrial) 19th Century Paris
...helped smuggle stolen antiques out of Egypt. (Industrial) Pyramid